Veins in The Gulf
Veins in the Gulf is a documentary that traces the rapidly disappearing bayous, the environmental crisis of southern Louisiana, and the international impact of Cajun culture, which is quickly losing ground.
    One More Mile: A Dialogue on Nationbuilding
One More Mile: a Dialogue on Nation-Building investigates the delicate and controversial role of the international community in a post-war society.
    Digital Afrika
Digital Afrika (DV, 12 minutes, 2008) is an experimental documentary that takes its inspiration from the Austrian filmmaker, Peter Kubelka, and his film, Unsere Afrikareise (1966).
    Long Distance
Long Distance (6 minutes, 16mm film, DV, 2003) is an iconography of long distance relationships; two lovers, two filmmakers, living apart in separate cities - a sign of our modern times.
    Wedding in Croatia
Wedding in Croatia (16mm and DV, 13 minutes, 1999) re-edits home-movie footage from the wedding of Emily, an international worker, and Ognjen, a Serbo-Croatian soldier who fought with the Federation army during the Balkan Wars.
    First Look
First look (16mm film & Betacam, 7 minutes, June 1998) draws from a subjective experience of childbearing to weave the lush elements of nature around the graceful power of one woman's struggle.
    Fire of Life
(16mm film, 12 minutes, June 1998) The magical spirit of an old man reminds a group of desert children about the power within life.
(16mm film, 12 minutes, June 2000) An allegorical tale about an angel who - drawing from the power of the sea - rejoins her lover as he carefully tends her grave.
    Homesick FemTV Remembers the Gainesville Murders
(Super 8, Fisher-Price Pixelvision, 8 minutes, 1994) FemTV, a women's group formed by graduate students at the University of Florida and Gainesville artists, responded to the 1990 serial killing of 5 students by Danny Rolling in Gainesville, Florida.
    It's Hard to be Right
(Hi-8mm and Betacam video, April 1992, 42 minutes), is a surrealistic and absurdist treatment of the Left versus Right political polarization in the United States
Resurrected, Alexandra returns as a headless corpse to witness the worlds of those who live on the fringe and of society's vultures who prey on them.
concentrates on the notion of ambivalence and ennui operating in two characters in a world dominated by war, television and unacknowledged traditions.
    Boxed In
Boxed In reworks the theme of depersonalization against experiences with corporate practices and the effects of the work ethic in Ohio.