Digital Afrika

Cheetah Giraffe Photo

Digital Afrika (DV, 12 minutes, 2008)

Digital Afrika (DV, 12 minutes, 2008) is an experimental documentary that takes its inspiration from the Austrian filmmaker, Peter Kubelka, and his film, Unsere Afrikareise (1966). Kubelka's film juxtaposes images of armed, white European tourists on safari with images of native Africans, animals and slaughter, edited into a rhythmic and insistent style of confrontation. Digital Afrika, shot on video in Kenya, highlights images of the digital 'takeover' of Africa - nuns on cell phones, satellite dishes on safari, cell phones and cameras in the slums. Is the camera the newest form of colonialism? What does it mean when tourists take cameras to the slums? Is film dead?

Directed, shot and edited by Ted Hardin and Elizabeth Coffman

Screening: UFVA CONFERENCE (Colorado Springs, CO 2008)

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