Books on Bosnia and Balkan Wars:

Ivo Andric
Bosnian Chronicle (1963) and The Bridge on the Drina, Alfred A Knopf.

Slavenka Drakulic'
Balkan Express and As If I Am Not There, (1999), Abacus.

Misha Glenny, BBC journalist and author.
The Rebirth of History: Eastern Europe in the Age of Democracy (1990), The Fall of Yugoslavia (1992) and The Balkans: Nationalism, War and the Great Powers, 1804-1999 (1999).

Miljenko Jergovic'
Sarajevo Marlboro, Penguin Books, 1997.

Robert D. Kaplan
Balkan Ghosts, Vintage, 1993.

Alexander Hemon
The Question of Bruno: Stories, Nan A. Talese, 2000.
Nowhere Man, Random House, 2002.

Joanna Labond, ed.
Balkan Blues: Writing Out of Yugoslavia, Northwestern Press, 1995.

David Rieff
Slaughterhouse: Bosnia and the Failure of the West, Simon and Schuster, 1996.

Laura Silber and Allan Little
Yugoslavia: Death of a Nation, Penguin Books, 1995.

Nadja Tesich
Native Land, Brookline Books, 1998.

Rebecca West
Black Lamb and Grey Falcon Penguin Books, 1941

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Other Nation-Building Reports, Articles, Programs

Rand Reports: America's Role in Nation-Building:From Germany to Iraq (2003)
Francis Fukuyama
Nation-Building 101, Atlantic Monthly, Jan/Feb 2004

Ahmed Rashid
Yale Global Online, US Nation-Building Abroad
James Dobbins, Fronline
Nation-Building 101

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